Resort area has yet to materialize in Hanover

We moved here 20-plus years ago. When my husband inquired why we pay such high water bills, we were told it was because we lived in a resort area, and had to make up for those who leave every year.

I’ve been waiting these 20 years for the resort area to show up. You have to actually be down at the beach to even begin to believe that statement.

Slowly, our little hamlet has grown. New homes built and new businesses opened. Approximately two years ago, we read in the paper of a local businessman and his daughter’s vision of building a hotel, which would house a water park, a fast food restaurant and a sit-down restaurant.

Finally, an establishment that had resort area written all over it. Everyone I have talked to was extremely excited about this project.

I heard no negative remarks, except that the town will find a way to stop this project. I always defended the town, explaining that the need for jobs will trump any problems going forward.

The headline of the OBSERVER on May 21 broke my heart. It appeared the developer, Tony Borrello, encountered nothing but headaches since the start of his project and he had enough. I can’t believe the town would allow this to happen.

Fortunately, as of late last week, the project was back on track. I want Mr. Tony Borrello to know the people in the town want his idea to become reality.

I hope the town does everything it can to make this happen.

Eileen Schaefer is an Irving resident.