Diabetes education program at Westfield Memorial Hospital

WESTFIELD – Joe Gligora has diabetes, like 25.8 million Americans. He was persuaded to come to the new Diabetes Education Program at Westfield Memorial Hospital.

Gligora had been reluctant to attend the program, because he thought he would have to make difficult changes in his life. But he worked together with Kim Greiner, registered dietician and certified diabetes educator, to set small, realistic goals. Working toward these goals made a big difference in the way he felt, and his new knowledge empowered him to make healthier choices. The program emphasizes the proper use of insulin as well as better dietary choices.

On the use of insulin, Gligora said, “it was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.” And on nutrition, “They helped me understand how to eat better.” Summing up his thoughts on the program, he said, “Coming here has made me a healthier person. I feel so much better and it has improved my energy level. I would absolutely recommend this program to others.”

The diabetes education program at Westfield Memorial Hospital has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association. To be so recognized, a program must have a staff of “knowledgeable health professionals who can provide participants with comprehensive information about diabetes management. The program at WMH includes personal meal planning and carbohydrate counting, blood glucose monitoring and medication information. Goals are set by the patient working together with the program director. The sessions are covered by Medicare as well as by many insurance plans.

Anyone wanting more information about the program can contact Kim Greiner, program director, at