Tuesday Club to meet June 3 in Mayville

The Mayville Tuesday Club members had so much fun the time they wore funny/odd/antique hats to their annual luncheon, they’ve decided to do it again. The luncheon will be held at The County Grill in Mayville beginning at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday. All are reminded to wear a hat of any kind. The afternoon activities include officer elections.

Information about the luncheon is available form Janet Loomis at 761-6687.

Linda Momberger, president of the affiliated Western New York Federation of Women’s Clubs, attended the May Reciprocity Luncheon. Psalmody, a group of women from Christ Our Hope Parish in Sherman, provided the entertainment. Vocalists for the group are Charlotte Rice, Mary Rogers, Jeanne Larson and Melva Rowan, who have been singing together for a very long time. Anyone interested in inviting the Psalmody ladies to sing should contact Rowan at 761-6393.

The club welcomed four new members – Nancy Smith, Sandi Wagner, Sandy Hall and Linda Barmore.

In addition, club members Roberta Tenpas, Shirley Burnett and Janet Loomis conducted a remembrance service for three long-time members who died in the past year. Honored were the late Jean Kelsey, Marilyn Elliott and Margarite Brightman.