Legislation won’t help in drug fight


This is an open letter to New York state Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo:

A note to thank you for all you have done for us in our area of Dunkirk, especially the NRG plant. Your concern for the New York state environment is most precious to us. We admire you for this also.

Another problem that concerns our health and mostly the environment is the “Legislation” or “Legalize the Drug Marijuana for Medical Purposes.” Please don’t let this happen! Please, let our New York state be an example to others. Look at the state of Colorado – they are putting it in cookies, candies, sold freely and a 10-year-old boy was selling it in the school.

What is our nation coming to? There is already talk of grower greenhouses becoming marijuana houses, pushing out our vegetables and fruits, needed in the winter months. Our northern counties like Erie, Chautauqua are on the border of Canada. We fight all the drugs now coming in from Canada.

Taking away cigarettes from the young completely was wrong. Now you can buy marijuana cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. I’m 78 years old. Didn’t we all try cigarettes at one time, when we were young? You also will be opening up the door to cocaine, and heroin, which is making a comeback.

I have two cancer patients in my close family. One has had pancreatic cancer and a brain tumor for five years. No one ever lives that long with pancreatic cancer, but today’s cancer drugs are working. He would die first, rather than use marijuana.

My second cancer patient has lung cancer and bone cancer. She is doing very well on chemotherapy. She is 47 years old with three children and great courage. Would you give those ugly drugs to your family? Please, do the right thing for all of us.

Thank you and God Bless!

Valerie Pawlak is a Dunkirk resident.