Busy agenda

Work on replacement of the Lakefront Boulevard seawall could begin shortly.

The Dunkirk Common Council will be asked to approve the hiring of S. St. George Enterprises Inc. of Fredonia to do the work when it meets today at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall.

According to Resolution 46-2014, the Fredonia company submitted the lowest responsible bid at $3,895,000 to replace the seawall. In addition, the resolution also states other work will be done as part of the project, “with significant portions of the project including correcting neighborhood blight and ADA accessibility to enhanced recreational areas, and protection of vital but lake-vulnerable neighborhood infrastructure.”

Mayor Anthony J. Dolce said the work would cover anything related to the replacement of the wall, including some enhancements. The city will have to front the money, but is still seeking more grant funding.

“We’ll initially have to bond the full amount. As grant monies get reimbursed we’ll pay down the bond,” Dolce explained. “We have the designation of 75 percent from Fund I and the other 25 percent will be from the sewer fund.”

Dolce said some $650,000 in grant funding will apply to the overall project and more grant funding is being sought.

Resolution 45-2014 would accept the SEQRA work for the project done by the city’s engineers for the project, Nussbaumer & Clarke Inc., and authorize Dolce to execute the document of behalf of the city.

Resolution 42-2014 authorizes a grant application for the reconstruction and redevelopment of the former Regent Theatre building, owned by Jim Payne. The application would be through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application of the Western New York Regional Development Council.

“This is us writing a grant on behalf of the project, redeveloping the Regent. It’s in the early stages, some of the initial plan would be to do somewhat of a dinner theatre, possibly incorporate some performances from Fredonia State students, local artists, musicians, possibly comedy acts,” Dolce explained.

Dolce described the project as something more of a dinner theater than a night club.

“We’ve talked to Jim (Payne) and told him we had an opportunity to write this grant and checked to see how interested he is. He’s been interested in doing something with that property for some time and we thought this would be a good opportunity for a public-private partnership and the grant would be our part of it,” Dolce said.

Resolution 44-2014 will award bids totaling $673,120 for work being done to upgrade the city’s water supply system as part of a 2009 consent order.

BECC Electrical of Dunkirk, will do electrical work to support ongoing consent order work being done at the filter plant at a cost of $524,800.

Concrete Applied Technologies Corp. of Alden, was accepted to install a valve and piping in Route 5 for $148,320. According to 44-2014, the state Department of Transportation will approve a change order for scheduled Route 5 work that will allow the use of the state’s contractor to do the work, “for the best combined work and efficiency.”

Resolution 43-2014 authorizes Fiscal Affairs Officer Rich Halas to make nine budget transfers.

The site of the city’s 2014 farmers market will be set with the passage of 47-2014. Run under the auspices of the Dunkirk Local Development Corporation in conjunction with the Chautauqua County Health Network, the market will be located at the Dunkirk Senior Center on Franklin Avenue. The market will be open on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. from June 18 through Sept. 24, “and at such other reasonable times as may be practical and appropriate.”

The lineup for the Boardwalk Market will change if resolutions 48- and 49-2014 are approved.

The lease of the Brown Bean, run by Stockton residents Stephen Millett and Mary Millett, will be terminated. In its place, council is being asked to approve a lease with Aisling Heenan of Dunkirk, who is currently doing business at the Boardwalk as Spike Dailey’s. According to 49-2014, Heenan would lease the new space for an on-and-off premises restaurant. The lease would run from June 4 through May 31, 2016 at an annual rental of $4,200.

There are five pre-filed communications.

James Milazzo wrote to report there are two partially dead maple trees on the city right-of-way near property he owns at 189 E. Second St., including one that “is beginning to represent a very serious danger to the occupants of the house.”

Separate notices of claim for damages to vehicles from hitting potholes on Willow Road were filed by city residents Justin R. Porter (May 18) and Rebecca Meister (May 22); each had tire damage.

A loudspeaker application was filed by city resident Cynthia Karnes for the Joe Karnes Memorial Tournament on July 12 at Promenschenkel Stadium from 4 to 8 p.m.

Sandra A. Lewis of Fredonia filed a loudspeaker application on behalf of the sponsoring committee for the 2014 Juneteenth Celebration in Memorial Park. The event is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday and the committee is seeking the permit to use microphones and amplifiers on Saturday from noon to 8 p.m., and on Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

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