Silver Creek Village Board sells timber

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Village Board decided to trade an unused resource for revenue Monday.

For many months the board has discussed selling the mature timber on its municipal properties; however, harsh winter weather delayed companies from assessing the value of the trees.

After receiving several calls of interest in the village’s timber, Mayor Nick Piccolo said he called four companies for request for proposals.

At Monday’s meeting, the board had two quotes to choose from.

It was clarified the board did not go out to bid, only requested quotes from companies for the timber on the 157 acres at the upper reservoir and old dump site.

Adams Lumber of Cattaraugus submitted a bid of $86,500 for the lumber before the board’s May 27 meeting. B&B Logging of Jamestown submitted a bid in time for Monday’s meeting of $9,3646.10.

“Has the village worked with either of these companies before?” Trustee Thomas Harmon asked.

Piccolo said it hasn’t, but that is not unusual.

“We get interest based on what has a higher value at the time and who is looking to buy it whether it’s hard wood like maple or soft pine,” he explained.

Highway Foreman Ralph Crawford pointed out that a final contract will have to be drawn up and recommended Attorney Dan Gard look it over for restoration provisions to avoid damage to the land.

After the discussion, the board decided to accept the offer from B&B Logging.

Piccolo also reported the village’s projects are all coming along.

He also reported receiving several compliments on the village’s garbage service, Bestway Disposal, for picking up strewn trash on a windy day. He said he also received compliments on the village’s flags and traffic control on Memorial Day.

New computers were installed in the clerk’s office. Piccolo said the village needs to look into a backup system for its files.

The board hired Timothy Grant, David Hasbun and Mark Martin as summer help for the highway, water and sewer departments.

Harmon proposed only having one meeting in the months of July and August. The board did not make a decision on this.

Sheriff Joseph Gerace or Undersheriff Chuck Holder will attend the next village board meeting on June 16 at 7 p.m. to discuss a prescription drug dropoff and answer questions. The public is welcome to attend and ask questions.