Cooperation not coming in April shooting

A shooting that occurred in the early morning hours on April 20 is still under investigation.

Dunkirk Police were dispatched to Brooks Memorial Hospital emergency room around 3:11 a.m. that Sunday for a report of a male gunshot victim. The incident took place on East Fourth Street in the city, resulting in a male victim being transported to ECMC. The victim was treated and later released with non life-threatening injuries, according to Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano.

Ortolano said Wednesday the department is still working the case.

“Once again, there’s another issue. We had a shooting take place, we did execute a search warrant inside the DK Bandits clubhouse, but what amazes me is we’ve had no one from there, and we know there were a lot of people in that building and around that area, but not one of them has come forward to help us with it, which just blows my mind,” Ortolano said Wednesday.

“Somebody knows something. Somebody in that club, that was in that club, somebody that was outside that club, I know for a fact there are people that know what went on in there, but they have yet to come forward to help us with it.

“Our investigation has moved forward. We have a very good idea of who the players are, but without the cooperation of witnesses and statements, things of that sort to put it all together, we can’t move forward with it at this time. Not to say that we won’t because we’re working on it and I’m hoping that we have a good outcome on that case,” Ortolano said.

The chief was asked if a motive for the shooting had been established.

“At this time, not to compromise the case, I can’t release any of that information,” he replied. “But again, there are people that know about this and I’d like them to come in and talk to us.”

Dunkirk Police may be reached at 366-2266 or the confidential tip line at 363-0313.