County DMV posts online customer experience survey

MAYVILLE – Chautau-qua County Clerk Larry Barmore has spent a significant amount of time visiting the three county-run Department of Motor Vehicles offices to find ways to improve customer service and entice more people to use their local DMV office.

In an effort to enhance customer service and recognize those who are already providing exemplary service, an online survey has been posted on the DMV website. DMV representatives will distribute a card with the link to the survey, along with their own name, to the customers they serve.

“I’ve spent a lot of time observing the staff and overall, they’re doing a great job. We’ve actually received quite a few compliments regarding the ease and friendliness of service,” said Barmore. “But there are some areas we need to work on. This survey is a simple way for customers to let us know about their experience.”

In the last three years, the Chautauqua County DMV offices have lost more than 35,000 transactions to the state’s online service, equating to approximately $260,000 in lost revenue for the people of Chautauqua County.

“We need the residents of this county to use their local DMV office and support the local economy, but they’re only going to do that if they get quick, efficient, friendly service,” said Barmore. “Our goal is to make every Chautauqua DMV office the envy of the state.”

In addition to the survey, customers are also encouraged to renew their registrations locally even though they may feel the online service is easier.

“The truth is, we have many customers coming into our DMV offices regularly because there was a problem with their online transaction or they didn’t receive their new registration before the old one expired. We’re doing the work anyway, but the state keeps the revenue because the transaction was started online. We want those people to let us serve them.”

“Renewing locally is easy,” added Barmore. “Renewals can be mailed to our office, they can be placed in the drop box outside the Jamestown DMV, they can simply hand the renewal in at the information desk and have the new registration mailed back to them and county employees can use inter-office mail to send the registration to the office of their choice.”

Registration renewals can be mailed to DMV, 7 N. Erie St., Mayville, NY 14757.

“Our focus is customer service. There are times when state regulations make transactions difficult, but our goal is to be courteous and helpful and try to find a solution,” said Barmore. “Our customers are our number one priority.”