People’s column

Care is missing

at cemetery


On Memorial Day I visited the gravesite of my parents in Willowbrook Cemetery on Central Avenue.

I was shocked at the condition it was in. If the association has no money for upkeep, surely there must be a civic organization that would have volunteers to at the very least mow the grass. Also noted no American flags marking our Veterans. None of this speaks well of the Dunkirk community.

This makes me even more proud of our small town of North East, Pa.


North East, Pa.

Request yet

to be fulfilled


A three-month challenge, submitted by me, to our listless county executive and Legislature has gone unacknowledged.

Hesitating to wake them from their “Rip Van Winkle Lethargy”, our Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program senior citizens and aging military veterans, humbly request complimentary CARTS passes.

Please, executive and Legislature, do something to demonstrate your presence among the living!



Many absent from rally


While at the rally, supporting the employees of Carriage House, I must admit that I expected more people to be in attendance.

We have lost far too many jobs, for anyone blessed to still be employed, to not show up for the rally. No one should be silent on this matter, for the ramifications are deep and far-reaching. As with other closings, it affects hard-working, taxpaying people dedicated to their families and communities.

No matter what field you are employed in, whether union or non-union, the very least that anyone could have done was to attend and offer their support. Thank you to those who took the time to come to the rally.

For the record, I am not an employee of Carriage House, but like you, know many who are.