New York State: A union’s effort to hike wages

New York state residents already pay a high price in taxes. Unfortunately, one of the groups that benefits from those taxes wants us to pay more.

Last week, the New York State United Teachers union filed a motion arguing against both the tax freeze credit program as well as the tax cap. Karen E. Magee, union president, claims the programs violate the state constitution.

“Public schools are still reeling from budget cuts. The tax freeze program is a gimmick that dangles a check in front of taxpayers as a carrot to go along with the cap’s stick,” Magee said. “Both the so-called property tax freeze and tax cap undermine local control and only worsen the already devastating funding gap between low- and high-wealth school districts.”

As residents in this county that subsidizes 18 school districts already know, the educational system is not being run efficiently. It runs on a 1950s model. The problem with that, however, is residents here have moved into the 21st century, fully utilizing the conveniences of the modern era.

Our school systems remain stuck in yesteryear.

Though not perfect, the tax cap and freeze programs have offered a bit of relief for property owners. But this lawsuit is not about saving taxpayers money. It is based on the hope that taxes will continue to increase so salaries of educators can, as well.