New hotel may be coming to Dunkirk

Rumblings of a new hotel/ tourism destination coming to the town of Dunkirk are growing.

This Thursday at 10 a.m. in Dunkirk Town Hall, a public hearing is scheduled to discuss a proposed hotel to be constructed on Vineyard Drive.

Town of Dunkirk Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Mourer said the idea is still in the planning stages. He has not seen any plans, so he cannot comment.

Planning Board Chairman Vincent Vecchiarella said once the plans have been made, he and the rest of the planning board will gather all the documents and go from there.

Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency Project Manager Kristine Morabito has been working with Dunkirk Kas-turi Limited owner Pravin Patel, who wishes to keep this project under wraps for the moment.

Morabito spoke about the legal notice in the June 1 OBSERVER, announcing the public hearing, and what the project entails.

Patel filed an application to the IDA to take the three acres of land near Kirk’s Jewelers and build a 40,000-square-foot building.

A section of the notice reads, “The granting of certain ‘financial assistance’ with respect to the foregoing, including potential exemptions or partial exemptions of sales and use taxes, and mortgage recording taxes (but not real property taxes, special assessments, or ad valorem levies) or a lease for the property agreed upon by the agency.”

Morabito explained this part of the application, as it is her company that works with Patel on the tax part of the proposed project.

“The residents wouldn’t have to pay more taxes on this. It would increase revenue for the town, school district and county. Sales tax would be collected on services they provide to occupants and in-direct benefits would apply to other businesses,” she said. “It would bring in additional travelers, additional bed tax and a projected 20 new jobs. It would also add real property tax/new accessed value.”

The IDA is not the planning or zoning board; Patel would still need to sit down with them and talk things through on the project.