Promoting walking as a form of exercise in Westfield

WESTFIELD – The Westfield Wellness Walkers, a group of community people interested in walking as a form of exercise, walk each Thursday evening during the summer months.

The walks will start Thursday and continue through Aug. 14. A bonus walk on Aug. 21 is for those who have built up endurance and want to challenge themselves with a 5-mile walk around the town.

The group meets in the Westfield Family Physicians parking lot at 6:30 p.m.

All are welcome. The only qualification is to show up in comfortable clothing and shoes.

Walks will center around a theme and cover a distance of 1-2 miles. Participants are encouraged to walk at their own pace and stop prior to the 1-2 miles if they aren’t ready to finish that distance when they first start out.

This will be the second year of walking for this group organized by Westfield Family Physicians staff personnel. Water will be provided and there will be a weekly drawing for a Tops gift card for participants.

Walks are low-key or brisk dependant on fitness level.

The goal is to work toward a healthy community and that starts by moving more. Hopefully these walks will encourage people from the community to come out and do just that.