County homes: Neighbors may feel a pinch

Cattaraugus County needs to start rethinking its ways.

A proposal in the state Senate could place a moratorium on any kind of decrease or the reduction of services in county-owned nursing homes, said John R. Searles, county administrator. “This bill, first of all, represents another unfunded mandate,” he said. “It is also a disproportional mandate between counties that have nursing homes and those that do not.”

Chautauqua County residents have already been through the emotions of selling a county-run home, which is expected to be finalized by the end of the year. Cattaraugus County, however, seems to be willing to let old habits die hard.

Currently the county runs two nursing homes.

Prospects of the bill passing is not likely, Searles was hoping. Even so, the county may want to consider doing what its neighbors to the west and numerous other counties have already done: sell.