Pomfret continues investigation into reval

Pomfret officials are once again flirting with the possibility of a townwide property revaluation.

Councilwoman Ann Eckman brought the topic up at the town board’s meeting on Wednesday after allowing her fellow councilmembers two months to digest information presented by a representative from an appraisal group.

After a signal of approval from them, Eckman said she would continue looking into what Pomfret can do to fund such a project.

“Our properties are not continuing to grow, the village (of Fredonia) is not growing and it’s shrinking, so I think that a reval would actually assist the town and the school district,” Eckman remarked.

Councilman Brett Christy said he is in favor of continuing to look into a possible reval for Pomfret and added he would like to get Fredonia School Superintendent Paul DiFonzo added to the discussions.

“I do think we need to do something,” Christy said.

Eckman replied by saying she would set up a conference call between the appraisal group’s representative, the superintendent and some town board officials.

She added DiFonzo has told her he needs to learn more about the reval process to know if it could help out with taxes.

“I know that past superintendents were very adamant that it would hurt the school district, and I think now, that may not be true; I think that tide has turned … but it all needs to be investigated …,” she said.

Supervisor Donald Steger pointed out funding would be a major issue if the town moves forward with a reval, to which Eckman replied she would like to look into a possible special tax for property owners.

“Talk to the assessor (Kevin Muldowney), as well,” Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro advised. “He is a resource in this, and other assessors talk amongst each other. Some have gone through this, including the litigation after, which you have to budget for, too.”

Steger announced the tentative equalization rate for Pomfret remains stagnant at 20.21 percent. That means roughly one in five properties in the town are fairly assessed, with the other four either over- or under-assessed.

It has been 40 years since the town’s entire 6,497 parcels underwent a reval.

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