Good neighbors are good news

I have an apology to make. Last week I got criticized for writing the verb “know” when it should have been “knew.” I certainly know the present from the past tense, but my writing has never been good and as I get older it’s harder to read, so when the copywriter can’t read my writing it’s my fault. Sorry.

So much for the negative trying to be put in the positive column. But I do have some positives to talk about. Today we’re going to talk about good neighbors. It’s not gossip, just good news. I have great neighbors. On one side is The White Inn. We get along just fine. Russ and I had the same style of fencing because our house was part of The White Inn purchase. The buyers had to build a house for Squire White’s maiden daughter, Isabella. As a result, they built our house. Even though I don’t own it, I’ve arranged to live in it college students and all. They keep me young at heart.

I watched Mr. and Mrs. Gambino throw out 30 dumpsters of old things and replace them with newer fixtures and furniture. They have a new chef and we went over recently and we loved everything and even had leftovers.

Fredonia wouldn’t be the same without The White Inn. It’s a landmark.

A couple weeks ago they blacktopped the parking lot. It looks great and they gave the job to local contractors creating work for local people. I’m waiting for some information on them. Here’s the lowdown. If you need blacktopping, paving, sealing or concrete work, call S. Tabone. You can see a sample of his talents in The White Inn parking lot. We’ve got to help each other out and hire our neighbors. I think this is great because it brings out the best in people and it gives out opportunities to bring out the best in us. Nothing gives joy like helping someone does.

Then there are boys in the house. Some people think I’m crazy to live with college kids, but they don’t know what they are missing. The secret is you have to talk to them and listen to them. I especially like the boys because I need them more. When I have heavy stuff that needs muscle to be moved, I call them. When I have garbage or trash that needs to be thrown out, I just put it out by the back door, they see it and take care of it. The older I get, the more I need them. They told me they’d vacuum for me. So one day, I called Pat over to vacuum. He did a great job. When I tried to pay him, he wouldn’t take any money! I’ll have to cook something for him. See what you’re missing.

I just lost a great neighbor on the left side. You all remember Barbara Sam. She started the Fredonia Farm Market and of course she had TimePieces. She always kept her property up and she would help at our fence. I was always so impressed with her energy! She will be sorely missed on our street and we wish her well.

I must mention Sandy, the hairdresser across the street. She’s a worker! I gave her her first job. I also gave Rita and Carol from the Cutting Crew their first jobs all great hairdressers! If I can’t get you to spruce up your property, maybe I can get you to go to the beauty salons and spruce yourselves up! They do both males and females now, so there’s no excuse. When I think of marching on the steps of Albany, I smile. It’s nice to be a part of history. We can’t be afraid of change! We’re living in a time when new ideas are necessary. They bring about change. Think about starting a new fad. People always find money for that. Look at how the computer business keeps growing.

I talked to a friend of mine while I took a break from writing this. He keeps track of the column. When I told him about the parking lot at the White Inn being by S. Tabone, he got all excited! “I’m so glad! He’s the best! He’s superior!”

His words were perfect for the column. It emphasizes something else positive no matter what you do, personally or in business, having a good reputation is vital. Learn from your competition. Never stop learning. We learned that from our business experiences. We were the first to do a lot of things. Don’t forget there’s no such thing as failure! We learn from our failures, too.

I quoted the advice my father gave me when I found out I had a heart problem to a friend. She told me I should repeat it in my next column. It served me well all my life so I’ll repeat it. It’s this: “Just remember. You’re 3/4 spiritual and 1/4 physical. The mind is everything. The body is nothing!”

Every week I try to pass on things I have learned in this lifetime hoping they will enrich your life and you will pass them on. This doesn’t make me smarter. I was just lucky to have good opportunities and I care enough to share.

Have a great life!