Learning — and sharing — from parents

There is a time each year that we are able to enjoy the blessings of being a part of a most important and interesting group. Sharing positive attributes of family and the cohesive nature of our existence, yields hope for many.

The point of view of leaders of a family are brought about because of a set of real convictions, oftentimes religiously based. The development of the child or children is a testament to human growth and the potential for greatness.

When the month of May arrived, we first celebrated Mother’s Day, the second Sunday of the month. The abundance of fresh flowers and a renewed sense of another beginning to life itself. It is a true sign of Spring. Thus, a reason for the Acronym M.O.T.H.E.R. is presented to you, the reader. The relationship most sons and daughters have with these care givers is of value. A Mother Offers The Help Everyone Requires.

Perhaps, because the United States celebrates Mother’s Day first, they (mothers) should be empowered with more authority. But, in the United States, the males play the dominant role in a family scenario. Is this the reason men are seemingly stronger, physically?

This year Father’s Day is celebrated on the 15th of June. What is the role of a father in today’s society? Fathers tend to rely on a mother’s sense of compassion for doing the proper thing when there is a need to be fulfilled. Discussions are brought about by calm, rational thinking. Fathers Assist The Helpers Everyone Requests.

When gentlemen realize the importance of effective communication, they are in a position of vulnerability. Quite often it’s a reality check as words are prayerfully conveyed.

Nestled in between these two celebrations, we honor our veterans and rightly so. We are kindred souls, so to speak. Without these brave Americans, our way of life would be for naught, thus seemingly of no consequence.

Familiarity with the complete set of circumstances in the very recent Sager family trauma would be suspect at best, as I was not there at the time. As a result, modest feelings toward others’ discomfort prevents anyone concerned from acting with authority. Could the needless and senseless acts of inconsiderateness towards those who serve, be prevented? Like others of the community, we pray for both the individual and his family. What else can we do that hasn’t been done?

Growing up on a rural grape farm, we were held responsible for doing a number of things work was one of the duties we were pleased to do. Well, not always pleased to do, but the tasks were performed and achievements made. Being a part of a family, we all pitched in to get the job accomplished. In essence, we earned our keep. A common cliche, “many hands lighten the load” was how we accomplished what we did.

That being said, showing respect to a parent of parents meant we, the children (now adults) learned from the mistakes of past behavior. Both good behavior and bad behavior, yet if the behavior was not made directly, who should be held responsible? This is where laws come into play.

Aren’t we supposed to learn from our youthful immaturity? But, like a notable insurance company commercial states, “We’re only Human.”

Michael Henry is a Sheridan resident.