Cuomo’s tips are not amusing

On a recent morning I was shocked to read, under State News Briefs, that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has issued a message for families planning trips to amusement parks this summer.

When I was a boy this sort of message about avoiding horseplay and keeping hands and feet inside a ride was delivered by my parents and later we did the same with our children. Kids will often react to this message with a sour look but they usually listen. I know I did. However, it’s one thing to be lectured by our parents but something else to be nagged by the governor.

Have you nothing better to do, Sir? Do you really think parenting is a lost art and it’s necessary for you to jump into the breach? Are we too dumb to tell our kids to exercise caution when on an amusement ride, too stupid to feed our children properly or let them ride a bike without a helmet?

A minute number of parents might be but most parents are pretty sensible. Governor, there really is a lot of common sense about life and parenting out here among us common folk. Do the things a governor is supposed to do like running the Executive Department, making budgets, signing or vetoing bills, kissing babies and cutting ribbons.

Please, stay out of our lives! If there is a “nanny state” let it be the family where it belongs.

By the way, governor, when you get the chance you might have a staff member, prod the New York State Thruway Authority to expedite work on the Route 20 Thruway bridge in Sheridan so repairs are done by winter.

Whoever is doing the work tore up part of the pavement and then it took them nearly three weeks to get back on the job. This is something you should do and would be a wise use of your time and make voters happy.

Tom Kirkpatrick is a Silver Creek resident.