Head scratching over some school policies

The lice plague in our schools. There are now less restrictive lice policies at some schools that leave parents wondering why no one is taking this plague seriously enough.

School officials, politicians, and anyone in authority, especially the Health Department, don’t seem to pay much attention to this plague. Yes, it is a plague.

Your child could come home infected because of the neglect of someone else’s child who doesn’t care about their child being infected, but allows their infected child to attend school and spread this plague to other students. It’s plain inconsiderate to others who come to school to learn and instead have to worry about an infected kid with lice.

Unless your member of the family comes home with this plague, you just don’t know how serious this problem is. The hours it takes to clean the child’s head and hoping this plague didn’t spread to other members of your family. All this because some parents are not responsible enough with their children.

A school nurse in Nevada stated, and I quote, “It’s not infectious and it’s fairly easy to treat.” I am wondering if that experience is with her child or not. Previously, most schools have required children with lice to be sent home so not to spread this plague. Children haven’t been allowed to return to the classroom until all the lice and nits or lice eggs are removed.

Also, schools customarily send notes home to let parents know that a child in class had lice so that they could be on the look-out for lice on their own children. This practice has stopped in Pontius, Nev., the Pershing County School District in Lovelock, Nev. They also state that the policy shift is designed to help children from missing class and to shield children with lice from embarrassment and to protect their privacy.

Are you kidding and are they serious? How about the kids who are clean and their parents who care? How are they protected from this menace? No one cares about the decent people in this country.

They only protect those who are negligent in their life, either by breaking the laws of our country or spreading disease to others without any care or responsibility to others.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com