Bud ‘n Bloom Garden Club meets

With cloudy skies threatening, the Bud’n Bloom Garden Club members completed their tour of two Dunkirk flower gardens and a patio party with no need of the umbrellas that they carried.

Mary and Stephen Rees welcomed the group to their Dove Street gardens and welcomed questions. The front, sunny side walk was lined with colorful salvia, bachelor buttons, lilies and green hostas. Perfectly weeded and mulched garden beds surrounded the Victorian home. The property borders were filled with hostas, ferns, ground covers and many perennials soon to burst forth with colorful blooms. The green beds were accented with six colors of iris plants, red coralbells and seven varieties of columbine popping up through the vegetation. Orange poppies, pink weigela bushes, deep purple Japanese iris and white lupine plants added extra occasional accents. Leaving the lovely, restful oasis, members noted potted vegetables and herbs, water barrels for a natural water supply and a composting center used for nourishing their garden beds.

Next the group walked across the street to the gardens of Grace Hanlon and Teresa Mesler. Here an Amethis Falls purple wisteria clung horizontally to the front wooden fence that enclosed the developing garden. This garden plan included extra attention to different structural shapes derived from the wide variety of unusual trees. Winter greenery and interest was also carefully planned. A weeping carigena, a twisted baby locust, green and red Japanese Maples and a tall, thin Frans Fontaine Hornbeam that could grow to 35 feet were just a few of the unusual specimens. A Poncirus Trifoliate Flying Dragon plant created a lot of curiosity with its curved thorns, twisted stems and orange accents. It bears orange fruit in the fall. One of the most eye-catching areas of the garden was the flower bed planted around the three pastel-colored plaster lady statues. Yellow yarrow, a peach peony, assorted iris plants and rhododendrons added splashes of color to the flower beds ambling around the large lot. Stepping stones and special borders added to the garden interest.

The Club Members then traveled to the well-groomed, flowering double lot property of Lucy and Jim Hurley on Maple Avenue in Fredonia. Pink and orange poppies, red roses and purple iris greeted the group at the side entrance. The group gathered on the wooden deck decorated with flower boxes filled with red, purple, and yellow trailing petunias and red nicotina. geraniums, zinnias and coleus filled urns.

Pitchers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic sangria, homemade guacamole and taco-dip were served before dinner. Soft and hard shelled tacos were served with an assortment of gourmet fillings and fruit and rice dishes. The desserts were a fruited jell-o cake and a gluten-free fudge mousse. Phyllis Steinberg and Audrey Parker assisted Hurley.

President Janet Arnold conducted a brief meeting. The results of the recent plant sale were announced to the group. A formal presentation of the Literacy Volunteers donation was planned. A thank you note from the Friends of Barker Library was circulating thanking the group for planting the lovely flower beds at the Library. Members were asked to sign up to care for the Library flower beds and to supply fresh floral arrangements for the months of June and July. Members will also share in planning meetings for the next calendar year. They are asked to bring definite ideas to the September meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for July 9 at 3 p.m. The group will tour Linda Zielinski’s Van Buren Bay garden. Dinner at the Clarion Inn in Dunkirk will follow.