Do you Remember?

Photo submitted by Bill Parks

This photo was taken at the White Eagle Bakery, Dunkirk, in November 1968. Bill Parks’ parents, Joe and Jenny Pokrzywka, are weighing-off and rounding-up Polish rye bread dough at their Polish bakery that was in operation for over 60 years on Courtney Street in the Fourth Ward. A Peterson all-brick oven (with two metal doors) is in the background. According to Parks, modern ovens are made of plain metal and do not bake the interior of loaves of bread like the old brick ovens did which generated infrared penetrating heat with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation from gas heated bricks. The White Eagle’s bread tasted thoroughly baked and not doughy. A person could pinch the center of a slice of this bread and it would bounce back out immediately. By comparison some modern breads today seem moist and unbaked in the center and will stay pinched and not bounce back.