A little bit of everything

The Dunkirk Men’s Fastpitch game between Lakeside Lawn Care and Big Daddy’s Lounge featured a little bit of everything Friday night at the School No. 7 softball diamond. Lakeside Lawn Care borrowed a player from Big?Daddy’s so the teams could each field an 8-man roster. As if this wasn’t enough, Big Daddy catcher, Ryan Thompson, upper left, batted with his shin guards on to try and save some time in the later innings. And to top it off, Lakeside Lawn Care played with a left-handed shortstop. Not something you see every day on a baseball or softball diamond. Pictured above, in the middle, is Lakeside Lawn Care pitcher Joe Conti preparing to toss the ball to first base for an out. Pictured above, at left, is Big Daddy’s Derek Honaker, playing on loan to Lakeside Lawn Care, batting against his normal team. Pictured above, at right, is Lakeside Lawn?Care shortstop Byron Keyser. Big Daddy’s won, 12-1.