Hospital: Important time for care center

More may be known this afternoon, but last week’s announcement the Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York and Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk would be separating from the TLC Network was nothing earth-shaking.

Since late October, when a closure plan for the Lake Shore Hospital in Irving was announced, TLC has been operating on its own. It has maintained its own board of directors, which is too small of a group to be overseeing a more than $40 million operation. It has its own interim chief executive officer in John Galati, a good choice we might add. And, it has been hiring for positions.

“This is positive for both our organizations, since we each have various priorities that need our full attention,” Galati said last week. “We will work together for a smooth transition, as this is just one more step in moving forward to assure TLC’s continued success. I personally want to thank the board, medical staff, all managers, employees, staff, volunteers and the community for their continued support and commitment as we move in a new direction for the common good.”

That’s not to say that Lake Shore has not been receiving assistance from Brooks. The Dunkirk operation poured millions into TLC to keep it running through the last eight months of uncertainty.

But time may be up. Today is another scheduled hearing in bankruptcy court in Buffalo.

TLC, which needs a buyer, has a history of running deficits. More information on a new beginning for the facility could come today.