Barns go up in flames

CHARLOTTE – Two small barns have been deemed a total loss after a heavy inferno tore through them late Saturday night in the town of Charlotte, just east of the village of Sinclairville.

Five fire companies responded to the blaze at 2503 Johnson Road around 11:45 p.m. Sinclairville Fire Department Chief Dave Lukacz, the first person to arrive on the scene after the call came in, said crews adopted a “surround and drown” attack to quell the fire since both buildings were already totally involved at that point.

“It was mainly a defensive approach; there was no saving it,” he explained. “It was so involved, it was just a matter of protecting the woods that were behind it and beside it. We didn’t want the fire to spread out into the woods, so that was one of our main goals. There was also a structure on the other side of the woods; we protected that, as well as the homeowner’s trailer.”

Lukacz said he was told the people living there had just moved in and were in the process of getting all of their possessions situated, using the barns as temporary storage for their belongings as they slowly moved everything into the trailer home.

“They did have items in the buildings; that was all gone,” Lukacz remarked. “The home itself was not damaged.”

Crews used tankers from the surrounding area to bring in water to help fight the fire.

“We were on-scene for about two hours,” Lukacz added, pointing out no injuries were incurred.

The Gerry, Ellery Center, Cassadaga and Ellington fire departments assisted at the scene. Lukacz wished to thank the other companies for their help battling the flames.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, as of Sunday evening.

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