Students study life in medieval Europe

Ninth and tenth graders in two global studies classes at Chautauqua Lake Central School traveled back in time to medieval Europe for a festive celebration of life in that era, roughly between the years 500 and 1500.

Each student joined a committee to contribute to the feast day. The decoration committee transformed the classroom to look like a castle. The play committee chose the subject of the Black Death to portray in a short skit for an audience of fellow students.

The feast included meat, bread, cheese and apple juice. A “barter booth” allowed students to exchange one item for another.

In between the activities, students played cards – many believe the king of hearts represents King Charlemagne – and chess, which had reached Europe by this time. The celebration brought to life many aspects of western European culture of the period and capped off a unit of study that included research projects and presentations about what it was like to live in a medieval city, knights and chivalry, religion, feudalism, and historical figures such as Marco Polo and King Charlemagne.