Dunkirk Town Board hears highway complaints

Several residents attended the recent Dunkirk Town Board meeting to complain about problems with roadways.

David Crane of Crestwood Drive and Frank Levandoski of Wildwood Drive came to complain about what is considered a “public driveway” abutting their properties.

Crane said he spoke to Highway Superintendent Richard Butts before the plowing season to ask that the wing not be used on the plow in order to not damage the lawns.

“It is an ongoing problem,” he said. “It’s a mess. The area needs to be leveled with topsoil and grass seed planted, but now it is too late for that.”

Levandoski said grass clumps were removed, but very late and he has had a problem mowing his lawn because of stones.

“All we ask is that this be taken care of in a timely manner, but it is not,” he said. “I have never had a complaint with the town until now.”

Dolores Raczek, who lives on the corner of Beachcliff Drive and Route 5, complained of a pothole by her driveway. She also asked about a galvanized pipe under the road on Beachcliff, which is rusty and full of debris.

Clare Bartkowiak complained that her yard has not been restored after a broken sewer pump was replaced this winter.

John Kahabka complained water comes off of Route 5, onto Wildwood Drive, down his driveway and into his garage. He said he installed a grate before his garage door, but asked that a drainage pipe be installed to help with the water.

Supervisor Richard Purol said some of these problems were visited on the town board’s road tour and he has a call out to the department of transportation on some of these issues. Butts said they just received topsoil and will be addressing some of the complaints now that that is in.

Purol made several reports to the town board.

He discussed two water leaks that recently took place in the town. The first on Urban Road, he said, is going to cost around $14,000. He said Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro is looking into who is responsible for paying the bill.

The second leak was at Plaza 59. Purol said the town was not notified of the leak because it was a private line.

The town board also received correspondence from the Dunkirk Free Library thanking the board for its $10,000 contribution. Purol said Cynthia Butts resigned as the town’s library representative and they will look to appoint another.

Purol also noted the town was notified that its equalization rate dropped 2 percent to 71 percent. Equalization rate compares assessed home values to the actual values. This measure affects districts that include more than one taxing entity such as school districts.

The board will hold workshops and special meetings today and July 8 at 6 p.m. to discuss changes to the zoning law.

There will also be a public meeting Wednesday at JCC North at 7 p.m. for the public to participate in the town’s comprehensive plan. The public is encouraged to attend. Focus groups will be selected at the meeting, which will meet with consultants, MRB Group, on Thursday in order to determine goals and direction for the plan.