Take a lesson, taxing entities

While government and school districts continue to watch expenses rise, another non-profit is doing its best to cut costs.

On Monday evening, the Salvation Army announced it would be making changes at its Dunkirk location. “The Dunkirk Salvation Army has served the community faithfully since 1893, and we want to continue to help those in need, but we need to look at a different service model,” said Major Donald Hostetler, commander of the Empire State Division of The Salvation Army.

As part of the change, on July 27 the corps will become a center for service under the direction of the officers of the Jamestown Salvation Army, Captains John and Kimberly Merchant. The agency will continue to provide programs and basic emergency needs, such as the food pantry, but without the on-site and spiritual direction of Salvation Army officers, who are also ordained ministers.

Unlike the Salvation Army, government and schools – with the exception of Ripley – have been reluctant to change. Residents have enabled that turtle-like attitude by embracing high taxes and fees.

In the non-profit sector, however, running your agency like a taxing entity is a formula for your demise.