Hanover talks water lines

HANOVER – Some businesses on Routes 5 and 20 in the town of Hanover are experiencing water problems. Senior Water Operator Walter Uhlendorff would like to address this problem and brought the topic up during a recent Hanover Town Board work session.

Uhlendorff brought up the issue of businesses running out of water on Routes 5 and 20. He would like to see the town board replace a water main on Routes 5 and 20 from Allegany Road to the east ending at the center of Irving.

“I think it would be very beneficial for the town considering Dunkin’ Donuts has been out of water three times already since they have been in business. … On Super Bowl Sunday, Colony (Restaurant) was out of water. If the town wants to build up on (Routes 5 and 20), we really should guarantee them that there will be no water loss,” he said.

According to prices from 2011, Uhlendorff expects the project to cost around $400,000. He said the project is not getting cheaper and in five years, the project cost could potentially increase. The water mains were put in place under the road in the 1930s and this section is the final piece that has yet to be replaced. Every time there is a water leak, it costs between $10,000 and $11,000 for repairs. The town does try to take proactive measures and previously has cleaned and re-lined the main but this does not restore any integrity to the pipe. The town has also previously replaced the line running west of Allegany Road.

“You could get 99.9 percent guarantee of water if you replace that line. We’re already good from Allegany Road (to the west),” Uhlendorff said.

Another option the town has would be to install a pressure reducing valve to decrease water pressure along Routes 5 and 20. A PRV could decrease pressure from 100 pounds per square inch to 90 psi, according to Uhlendorff, but other area residents could lose additional water pressure due to a difference in elevation.

The town board did not take any action on Uhlendorff’s request.

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