Forestville takes action on water

FORESTVILLE – Like many municipalities, the village of Forestville is focused on water.

The village board discussed postponing decommissioning its former water source, the Arkwright springs, in order to allow a few residents to receive funding from CHRIC and drill wells.

Mayor Kevin Johnson reported there will not be a problem with its water project funding source, Environmental Facilities Corporation, if it is postponed.

Treasurer Jim White agreed, saying logistics and the cost of operation were the only problems with the extension.

“We also did not define ‘catastrophic leak’ at our last meeting,” White said. “We need to set a dollar amount.”

Johnson asked Streets Supervisor Charles Brewster what was the cost of the last water leak on Creek Road.

Brewster said the last leak was in the spring and it was able to be clamped, which including labor cost a couple thousand dollars.

Brewster said he is concerned there is a leak there now because there is a lot of water surfacing in one area, but he cannot be sure.

“We already said we would help these people, so I suggest we extend it into August with up to $2,000 the village will pay,” Johnson said.

The board approved the action.

Brewster also reported the water project is coming along with a majority of the south side of the village completed and restoration almost done. He said they will move on toward Lodi Street, but no road cuts to Route 39 will be necessary.

Brewster also answered the question why the village water smells. He said the village is at the maximum of allowable iron, which is not dangerous. He said he is working with the health department on options to fix the problem.

The board approved a change order to have JD Northrup replace the master meter vault on Third Street, which meters usage of Bennett State Road customers.

Johnson said this has not worked for a while and this is an opportunity to do it while the contractor is in the village for the greater water project.

Johnson also reported engineer Clark Patterson Lee recommended meter pits be installed at Bennett State Road customers’ homes instead of internal meters.

Johnson said the town of Hanover has finally got back to the village about the petition for the Northside water district, which includes Bennett State Road.

A meeting will be held July 1 for district residents to sign the amended petition. If enough signatures are not collected at the meeting, the village board will go house to house.

Johnson also reported the village was notified it is not eligible for the Community Development Block Grant for public facilities.

The board expressed concerns with parking on Cedar Street during Little League games. It was decided Deputy Mayor Brian Schneider and Trustee Gary Belote will look into amendments to the village’s parking laws.

The board also appointed Hazel Morrison as youth recreation director at a salary of $1,050. Morrison, an Irving resident, is a certified teacher that substitutes for Gowanda Schools. The village will also be hiring an assistant director and counselors.

The rec program runs from July 7 to Aug. 15 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Elementary School. Residents can sign up children in grades kindergarten through 6 at the village clerk’s office Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. or anytime by leaving a paper with a name, address and phone number, labeled “playground” in the clerk’s dropbox.

The village board will hold its next regular meeting July 8.