Sinking feeling

No one likes potholes – especially if you are a firefighter driving a fire truck in the village of Fredonia.

On Wednesday, the OBSERVER received a photograph (taken by an anonymous person) of a Fredonia fire truck, Engine 14, with its rear left tire sunk into the street at the intersection of Ventura Circle and Johnson Street at the edge of the village.

An official at the fire department said a patch made to that intersection by the streets department could not support the vehicle as it made the turn during the day Tuesday, thus collapsing when the fire truck rolled over it.

The official added the patch was made after a water main break a couple weeks ago. A firefighter was going through driver training at the time and the streets department needed to free Engine 14 using a loader.

The fire engine reportedly received no damage as a result.

Calls regarding the incident were sent to Department of Public Works Supervisor Jack Boland and Fredonia Mayor Stephen Keefe and went unreturned on Wednesday.

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