Children’s book by local author to be released soon

Many people enjoy being around horses. Like people, every horse seems to have a unique personality. Some horses are shy; others are outgoing. Some are affectionate and easy-going around people while other horses just like to be in-charge and the leader of the herd.

Local author Robert Heichberger has enjoyed being around farm horses from the time he was a young farm boy in the Boston-Colden hills. Because of this, he was inspired to write “The Five Horses and the Friendship Tree” with horses as the major characters for his six grandchildren who also love to be around the animals.

A resident of Gowanda and a professor emeritus at SUNY Fredonia, Heichberger is the author of five previous books, an award winning author and a columnist for the OBSERVER.

Published by AuthorHouse Publishers, this book should have wide appeal for both young readers and the young at heart.

An independent reviewer stated: “This story will fully captivate the attention of those who read it. The reader’s heart strings of emotion will be thoroughly moved by the events of this day in the horse pasture. What a lasting impact will be yours at whatever age you happen to be!”

The book is scheduled to hit the shelves in about ten days. It will be available locally, in most bookstores and online.