Forestville board sells array of items

FORESTVILLE – In a recent sealed bid auction, the village of Forestville sold a wide array of items from a snowmobile and water skis to voting machines and a pressure washer.

The village board previously declared a list of unused equipment surplus at its June 10 meeting in order for the items to be displayed at the communitywide yard sale on June 14. During the yard sale, sealed bids were accepted for the items.

The sealed bids were opened prior to the most recent village board meeting.

The highest bidders for each item were awarded.

They are as follows: Jason Curtis won the 1989 Polaris Star snowmobile for $310 and a Dayton generator for $200; James F. White won a trailer with sides for $200.26; Eugene Jaquith won a Husquavana lawn rider tractor for $856; John Sack won a Homelite weed trimmer for $10, two lightup umbrellas for $12 each, two three-piece barbecue sets for $7 each and water skis for $5; Bob Duff won a Homelite pump for $175; Larry Thies won a 1978 Ingersol Rand compressors gas and jack hammer for $1,157; Corey Bell won two voting machines for a total of $22.20; Charles Brewster won a John Deere pressure washer for $60.01; James R. White won a mail dropbox and a Dell printer for $11.01 each and Brian Schneider won four mower tires for $20 and a computer desk for $20.

Brewster and Bell work in the village streets department, James R. White is the village treasurer and Schneider is deputy mayor.

In total the village collected $3,095 from the sale.

It was noted some of the items are unusual for a municipality to own.

Treasurer White said the source of the items or reason for declaring them surplus is not a part of the formal process. However, he did have some information about some of the items.

“I was told that the snowmobile was used at some point some years ago for checking on the village’s streams in Arkwright and it was transported with the trailer. The lawn tractor was the one that was purchased inappropriately several years back without the PESH mandated safety roll bar and protective system required for a machine with that horsepower. The printer was retired by the fire department. The voting machines, computer desk and mailbox were previously used by the village, but were replaced with more secure/appropriate solutions. The umbrellas and barbecue grill sets were recently received from Community Bank when the village opened new accounts,” he said.

White added he did not know information about the other unmentioned items.

He also noted by releasing the information, the board is trying to be more transparent.

“The village has taken a much more open approach to such information in the past year, under the current and just previous administrations, even in regard to such relatively small matters,” he said.

The village will meet with Northside Water District customers on July 1 at 7 p.m. at the village hall. The next regular meeting will be held July 8.