Going political on my birthday

As you read this column, I will be celebrating my birthday. I’m going to do myself a favor and get out all the frustration I have over the political situation as it is today. When political parties call me up for support, I tell them, “you’re lucky that I’m as old as I am or I’d start a third party!” I mean it! The Republicans support the greedy rich and the Democrats are giving away the store! Their immigration policy (or the lack of one – a real policy) is unreal. Then the welfare program is ridiculous! They can’t expect to have everything working people have! They need help, yes, but we lived on bread and peaches during the Depression and look how long I’ve lived and I didn’t sit on my hands. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect them to live on bread and peaches. We did that because we didn’t want to go on welfare!

Now how much difference is there between the two parties? Democrats are leaning toward corporate interests and money interests like they never did before.

I’m for the working class because there are so many of them and if things are good for them, they will be good for everyone. If they are working, they are buying. How much can rich people spend? The gap between the very rich and everybody else is getting wider.

Do you know that since the last 15 years, we’ve lost 60,000 factories and millions of manufacturing jobs? What are we going to do about this? Who’s got the guts to start a party that’s for the people? I’ll help. The people at the top are a small minority yet they control our economics and our political parties! This should not be! Who is representing the needs of the average people? Nobody. When the voters see they can’t have economical or political success, they turn to issues. If they feel strongly about anti-gay issues, gun laws, or abortion issue, they might vote Republican. This November election might be surprising.

I have mixed emotions about issues. The Bible is clear about these issues. My problem is do I want governments involved? The individual should be held accountable to God for his obedience or disobedience. God gave us freedom of choice. If we choose to be obedient, we will be rewarded. But if we choose to be disobedient, we will face the consequences.

Let government do what people can’t do on their own. For example, can government get free primary health care within a year for everybody, or can government see to it that every kid in the country will go to college regardless of their income? Could government guarantee that not a cent will be cut in your Social Security? Government can take over the problem of global warming by transforming our energy program. This will create jobs, millions of jobs.

Who can you trust on TV to give you the truth about what’s going on in the world? I watch Fox and I watch “The Ed Show” and they are very incompatible. Who is telling the truth? The media has great power. One of the fears I have is about the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that allows candidates to spend as much as they want and that money can come from anyone, anywhere. Foreign countries can buy out our representatives. Buying each other out within the country is bad, but allowing foreign countries to buy out our candidates is unthinkable! What’s happened to our democracy? Does it still exist?

A handful of multi-billionaires control the economics of our country. They decide whether jobs stay here or go to China. They decide how much we will pay at the gas tanks. If they control the economic and political life of our country, they are in control. Do we want that? Heaven forbid!

But let’s not lose hope. If people are open-minded and forget labels and look at the issues and choose wisely, we can still win our viewpoints. Don’t forget the people at grassroots are a majority. We have numbers, so if we give money to the candidates that think like us regardless of party line, we could be overcomers. Let’s be visible. Let’s be audible. Whatever you do, do something. Especially vote!

There, I gave myself a birthday present!

At lunch time, I will be dining with four missionaries, my pastor and his wife and a friend. I’m looking forward to this luncheon. I’m so fortunate I have kept a close relationship with Rev. Tom Knickerbocker (my son-in-love) and his wife Barbara (Rusty’s widow). They will always be family to me!

I do believe this will be my last year. I want to quit while I’m ahead. I’m grateful for all my family. There are only a few Leones left, but the Valones are faithful and numerous. It pays to pick out good in-laws!

Have a good life!

Margaret Valone is a Fredonia resident. Send comments to lifestyles@observertoday.com