Trailer park avoids water termination in Brocton

BROCTON – The Port-land Town Council would like to inform residents of Ellicott Estates Trailer Park in Brocton that they do not have to prepare for a water service shut off, that was slated to take place today.

The town had notified park ownership and management, as well as health department officials, that water service would be terminated today if the current outstanding bill for water service was not brought current.

The council broached the subject at their June 11 monthly meeting and has had ongoing conversations with the park’s owner since then to try and resolve the issue, according to Portland Town Supervisor Dan Schrantz.

“The council was not willing to waive any late fees, but we may go to a monthly billing cycle, rather than a quarterly, to try and help the balance from climbing too high. We’re also looking to Rural Water representatives to assist us and the park with detecting any leaks and our water department is currently running daily meter readings so that we can try and prevent this situation in the future. I hope the park ownership does understand that we’re just the middle man here – we have to purchase the water from the village of Brocton, and have to get reimbursed for the sale of that water,” stated Schrantz on Thursday.

A potential shutoff would have affected approximately 40 mobile homes in the park, and the supervisor was relieved to talk with the park’s owner Thursday evening who promised to pay the balance in full.

Part of the difficulty in detecting a leak at the park, Schrantz explained, is that “the park has all gravel ground, and you could have an active leak that would never come to the surface and show because the water will follow the gravel.”