Brocton’s policy is lesson for others

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the superintendent of the Brocton Central School District of informing this writer of the important steps his school district is taking in reference to the lice epidemic in our country’s schools.

It is an epidemic on a national level. The Health Department of Chautauqua County spoke to me and they stated that lice is not a health problem, for me to call the state Health Department, of which I did. They then referred me back to the Chautauqua County Health Department.

The county Health Department called me and stated that lice is not a health problem. I am wondering what the actual job of the county and state Health Departments are when they don’t bother checking into this problem but just pass the buck.

The Brocton School superintendent spoke to me about this problem over the phone and stated they were in the process of making a school policy in reference to head lice. They sent me a copy of their new policy. I will quote part of that letter from Brocton.

“Whenever there is a possibility that a student is infested, the school nurse or his or her delegate will examine the student in the nurse’s suite. If the student is positive for nits of live lice, the student’s parents will be contacted and the infested student will be sent home for corrective treatment and not to be re-entered until all lice and nits are treated and removed.”

My thanks goes out to the Brocton school district and also to the superintendent for the way they handled this problem.

Now all other schools should take a lesson from Brocton and keep our schools clean from infestation and to keep our schools clean for learning only.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.