Collins board discusses fire dispatch

COLLINS – The town of Collins may be switching to a new dispatch system. At a recent Collins Town Board meeting, the town discussed about possible options for dispatching 911 calls.

Currently, the town is among three other municipalities who use the Helmuth Fire Dispatch system for 911 dispatching. The village and town of North Collins and the Seneca Nation of Indians also pay for the service. The town has not received a renewal contract from the town of North Collins yet. If one municipality were to drop out, the remaining municipalities would have to pick up the cost.

“I think we need to look at other options for what Helmuth is costing,” said Councilman Janet Vogtli. “We are in the town business. Trying to run a dispatch center, what it costs us we should look at different options.”

Vogtli suggested sending a letter to Erie County Emergency Services to see if Erie County could dispatch for the town. Vogtli also said Erie County might not dispatch fires and the closest would be in the town of Evans. The town board will do more research on the topic and will discuss it more at its next board meeting on July 14.

The town also approved to hire Heidi Kibler as a board of assessment review clerk for grievance day and gave an update on its goals and objectives for 2014.

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