Hanover board moving forward on sewer project

HANOVER – Taking sewer district residents’ comments in to account, the Hanover Town Board took action to move forward with improvements to the wastewater treatment plant at a special meeting Wednesday.

The Hanover Town Board has held two public hearings on proposed upgrades to the sewer plant in the past two years. The first was held before the announcement that Lake Shore Hospital may close. In the year since then the plant experienced a catastrophic failure of the rotating biological contactors. Councilman Kevin O’Con-nell worked to revise the project and a public hearing was held June 25 to receive feedback from district residents.

The project has been changed to include five phases; 1: replace RBCs and influent pumps, 2: Sunset Bay pump station improvements, 3: install a bar screen and grit removal system, 4: replace clarifier rotating equipment and digestors, and 5: install a third digestor or a dewatering system.

Although there were questions, after being assured that the town has a plan to pay for the $5.3 million project without raising rates or taxes, the consensus was that the project must be done.

“It is time we acted on this project,” O’Connell said Wednesday. “I urge my fellow board members to look favorable on the project.”

Other board members agreed.

“I think the comments at the end of the public hearing echo that and I second what Kevin said,” Council-man Bernard Feldmann Jr. added.

Councilman Kenneth Cross also gave his input with a colorful pun to express that the town should move forward with the project.

The board unanimously approved four resolutions to declare the project “nonsignificant” in terms of the State Environmental Quality Review Act, to approve an increase and improvement in facilities at the plant, to bond for the project with a maximum of $5,361,500 to be borrowed and to award the bid for RBCs to Koester Assoc. for $497,400 for three RBCs.

The board also appointed Aaron Weiskerger as seasonal laborer for the water/sewer department at a rate of $9 per hour effective today.

The board will meet again July 14.