Collins Regional Historical Society will hold blast from the past

The Collins Regional Historical Society will be hosting a blast from the past at the Saturday, July 12, 2nd annual fundraiser. Town forbearers will be honored with a traditional gathering of neighbors and friends from near and far. This will be a day filled with nostalgia and camaraderie; or as Aunt Susie use to say, “Land! We was all like sisters them days.”

The event will be held at the Old Collins Center School and grounds, School Street, Collins Center, where the township once had its own school district, a place that kept the area alive.

The day-long event begins at 9 a.m. with an arts and crafts show and sale; where vendors will display clothing, bedding, coverlets and candles made in traditional ways and artists will display their wares.

This show will honor pioneer, Lydia Bartlett Allen, a twenty-one-year-old newlywed who arrived in the wilderness that became,e the town of Collins in 1815. It is said of Lydia;

“Though my mother was so young when she began her housekeeping, she took to her new home the best linen tablecloths and towels of her own manufacture coverlids and blankets of her own spinning and weaving. In all of the work of this wheel and loom she was very skillful, and for many years all of the wearing apparel as well as bedding for her increasing family were homemade. The candles, the soap and most everything used for food were home products.”

At noon Krolick’s will begin serving their famous chicken barbecue; Krolick’s knows chicken like Aunt Susie knew food. “My mother possessed a peculiar knack to make her plainest dishes savory. Garden or wild herbs were made to use for spices. Greens and wild berries were found in their season. A substitute for soda was found in the cob-ashes, and if anyone now has nicer short-cake or soda biscuits, more delicious butter, or finer Linden honey “in the honeycomb”, then was seen on my mother’s table.”

Speaking of food, a baking contest begins at noon, when all of the homemade goodies, traditional and new will be displayed. Judging will be at 3 p.m., with an auction of the baked goods immediately following; so make two, you can never tell when one of the judges might take a few extra samples for judging purposes. There is no fee to enter and no limit to how many different baked goods can be entered by one baker; there will be prizes.

This year’s baking contest is dedicated to Edna Buckley who the Culinary Cellar reports: “There was another very special person at this Bake-Off, Edna Buckley from Collins, New York. Gloria said everyone loved Edna, who went on to compete in seven Bake-Off’s. According to Gloria, if you put every contestant from the Bake-Off together, you would end up with the enthusiasm of Edna. And in the end, that’s what the Bake-Off is all about.”

All classic and muscle cars should be at the school grounds to join in the Classic Car Cruise by noon. Again, there is no fee, and the cars will be judged by those attending our event; trophies and prizes will be awarded at 4 pm. This year, the cruise is dedicated to Alonzo Setter, the owner of the first vehicle in the township; a Stanley Motor Carriage Company vehicle.

Finally, there will be white spruce trees available at no cost to our visitors in honor of Isaac Allen, husband of Lydia, who was a tree planting advocate. There will also be a display of scrapbooks filled with newspaper articles from the 1820’s through present day for our visitor’s perusal.

From the east or west, follow Route 39. When you enter Collins Center, follow the signs.

Further information is available by calling 241-7066.