Not too late

There is still plenty of time for basketball players of all ages to sign up for the Bemus Point 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament.

The Bemus Point Town Park will once again host the community tournament, which has been scheduled for July 19. Brackets for the event will start at the fifth- and sixth-grade levels and move up from there to include 35-and-over, as well as top men’s and women’s open divisions.

Hosting the tournament will be the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, which is now in its second year of cooperation with the 3-on-3.

Spectators and players will be taking to the Bemus Point Town Park on July 19 for the event, which will carry over on to July 20 if there are any unexpected delays due to weather.

It was Jerry Adams and Bob Goold who first had the idea to put together a local basketball tournament that would give everyone a taste of the excitement that is usually reserved for winter time.

“I think we started it in 1987 and I have helped run it ever since,” Goold said. “It started with Jerry Adams and myself. He got the idea along with me.

“Chris Dole was the guy that helped me keep it going. He helped last year through the Community Foundation also.”

With the new leadership of the CRCF, the hope was that the event could grow and prosper with the interest of local athletes and sponsors.

The main goal behind turning the tournament over the CRCF last year was to bring in the involvement of more local businesses and community interests in order to help the 3-on-3 become a more active volunteer effort.

“Last summer the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation celebrated 35 years of Caring and Giving in the Chautauqua region,” said CRCF executive director Randy Sweeney.

”As part of that celebration, the Bemus Point 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament committee decided to dedicate all proceeds from the tournament to the Fund for the Region, a fund that the Community Foundation uses to address emerging needs in the community,”

As part of their goal in taking over the project, the CRCF is hoping to build up the popularity of the 3-on-3 while at the same time using it to support a variety of charitable causes via the Fund for the Region.

“The Fund for the Region allows us to focus on the overall health of Chautauqua Lake, beautification projects in our neighborhoods, historical preservation of the entire region and our vibrant arts and entertainment community,” Sweeney added.

Not only is the 3-on-3 a great chance for players and fans to help raise money for a worthy cause, it is also a perfect chance for friends and family to meet up and get reacquainted after the fourth of July festivities die down.

Hundreds of players and spectators are expected to fill the streets of Bemus Point to catch a glimpse of old faces.

This year the CRCF is hoping for enough entries to fill out a full women’s bracket after last year’s 3-on-3 did not have enough teams to complete the division.

One of the most popular classes in year’s past has been the 6-foot and under division, which features some of the area’s most skilled players.

Registration for the 3-on-3 is $80, and can be completed by contacting Mike Bird, publisher of The Post-Journal at 487-1111, extension 201, or Bev Lubi of the CRCF at 661-3390.

The CRFC also welcomes anyone interest in volunteering for the event.