After a deal, time to pay

Village of Fredonia officials noted in May how much they appreciate the fact that Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan will listen.

Horrigan, who visited the board that month to discuss the proposed north county regional water district, was receptive to the concerns posed by trustees. Village officials wanted their plant to be included in the plan.

After the meeting, Horrigan made it happen.

“The reason he heard us is because he’s listening, and we haven’t gone through that before; it’s new to us, with this system that we’re looking at,” Fredonia Mayor Stephen Keefe said in the spring.

Now, it is time for the village to reciprocate. Throughout this year, the village has been taking a major role in the Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corp. It has even been heard in its calls to be a part of the water district.

Because of this, it is time for the village to pay up. Each municipality that is a part of the Chadwick Bay group, which is taking a lead in the district, pays a small sum. Fredonia, which owes around $6,000, has not.

We understand their previous disappointment with water talks, but now they are a key player in the plans.

It is time for the board to quit its tantrums and prove their buy-in. Trustees must approve payment to Chadwick Bay for membership.