SAR participates in parades in Cherry Creek and Frewsburg

Recently, members, family members and friends, under the flag of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution, participated in two parades, the first at Cherry Creek, and the second parade at Frewsburg.

Those participating (photo, left to right) included: Doug Arters, Alba Arters, Celia Sumner representing the Oneida Indians, Ben Lewis, Jeff Crossley and Jim White. At the second parade, at Frewsburg, others participating included Mindy Lawson-Crabtree, Addison Lawson, Colleen Golab, Brook Golab and Lucas Tovrces-Carvella.

The Oneida Indians, members of the Iroquois Confederation, sided with the patriots – and were befriended by General George Washington, General Philip Schuyler and General Lafayette.

The SAR is a fraternal, civil society which honors the memory and sacrifices of America’s ancestors who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor in the War for Independence from Great Britain. Founding Father Ben Franklin is in the family trees of several members of the Chautauqua County Chapter of the SAR.

Members of the Chautauqua County Chapter of the SAR trace their lineage back to their ancestors who served as Continental soldiers, militiamen or minutemen, who may have wintered at Valley Forge, signed the Declaration of Independence, fought in the battles of the American Revolution or who served in the Continental Congress. Over 300 Revolutionary veterans last lived in Chautauqua County, some of whom survived the Valley Forge ordeal, served at battles at and near New York City, the Battle of Saratoga and others.

The next SAR meeting is set for 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 2, at the Chatterbox Restaurant, Greenhurst, for a late breakfast and meeting. Members and guests are invited to attend. The restaurant accepts payment by check or cash.

In the late afternoon, Aug. 2, at 5 p.m., members, family members and friends will be participating in the Ellington parade, meeting at the ballpark area near the town hall.

For more information, call Doug Arters at 490-3880 or chapter President Steve Booth at 574-7995.