BROCTON Things are not ‘looking up’

It is time for another reality check in Brocton.

During last week’s board of education meeting, President Douglas Walter made these comments regarding the recent and coming year for the district: “I am looking forward to working with the school board again for another exciting and, I think, productive year in Brocton,” Walter said after being elected president again. “Things are looking up and I’m looking forward to the kids coming back in September.”

Now, the reality: Nothing is looking up when it comes to the students and the bare-bones education the district is providing. It is, unfortunately, second-rate.

Educational and extracurricular activities have been cut while student enrollment continues to decline.

Worse yet, some of the current students – and many of those who have graduated – know this. Brocton missed a golden merger opportunity with Fredonia in 2009, yet it keeps knocking on the door of Westfield, which is anything but welcoming after its disapproval of a merger last year.

Things are not much better in the village, which is losing its only bank and consolidating operations with – of all places – its Westfield location. Even untrustworthy Forestville still has a financial institution in its village.

And the school board president thinks “things are looking up?” Well, we certainly do not want to see how things look when it gets really bad.