Forestville school looking for superintendent

FORESTVILLE – Forestville Central School will work with BOCES to find an interim superintendent by the start of the school year.

After the special meeting on June 30 with an indepth presentation by Erie 2 BOCES District Superintendent Dr. David O’Rourke, it was decided the school board would work with O’Rourke in finding a new superintendent.

“We plan to have an interim superintendent by the start of the school year,” President Sylvester Cleary said. “Our district is well known for being very organized.”

Cleary wants to find someone who is just as passionate about the students as the rest of the board.

“They (board members) come for the right reasons. They care for the kids,” he said. “It is what I like the most about this group. The kids always come first.”

Superintendent Charles Leichner led his last organizational meeting for the Forestville Central School District.

Leichner asked the reappointed President Cleary to read his oath, as well as newly-appointed board member Rodney Rogers.

Carol Woodward was reappointed vice president, but was not able to attend Thursday night’s meeting.

The standing advisory committees for the 2014-15 school year were appointed.

Board member Bruce Ellis and Cleary were appointed to the Negotiations Committee.

Cleary and board members Amy Drozdziel and Pat Dugan were appointed to the Policy Committee.

Ellis, Cleary and Rogers were appointed to the District Educational Team.

All school board members will all take part in the Finance Committee.

Cleary announced he was appointed the vice president of the Chautauqua County School Board Association, and he was also appointed the chairman of the Chautauqua County School Board Legislative Committee.

“We are going to make changes with the finances this year,” he said about the legislative committee. “We want to make progress with it.”

Leichner spoke of the work being done around the school while the students are on break.

“The public approved the $2 million for the capital project, and now we ask how much does $2 million get us,” he said. “It is crunch time now, and we need to get this approved by the state aid.”

A bond resolution was approved to transfer the entire balance of the capital project to the construction and renovation reserve fund, and another bond resolution was authorized to purchase school buses.

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