A good family is priceless

I’ve been thinking. How can we make our country better and the world better? And every time I go back to families. A good family is priceless! Nowadays there are fewer and fewer families because the kids (many of them) aren’t getting married and many of them can’t afford large families. I accept that, but that doesn’t mean the ones that have families aren’t responsible for bringing up good families.

What do we consider a good family? A good family likes to spend time together. They like each other. They respect each other. They are considerate of one another. They help each other out, whether it’s with work or giving money. They communicate. How many children don’t even know their parents or their siblings? Sometimes as parents we don’t even share our problems with our children. We want to protect them. This is not reality. If we share our burdens with our children, they can help. If there’s a sickness in the family, they can help with the care, they can help keep the expenses down to help pay for the doctor, help keep the house clean. Maybe they can learn to cook. Each little thing makes them feel closer and more loving. Would you deny your family these opportunities? Just think how you’re preparing your children to pick out their future partners. They will pick out people who are like them. And so it goes on.

I couldn’t help but think of these things because just this last Saturday, we had the Valone family picnic. I love that family! Would you believe I’m the last mate of the original family? We were 61 people there at the Yacht Club in North East.

We had a nice surprise. One of my great nieces, whom I had never seen before, came from California because she wanted to know her cousins. She was so sweet, but she had a terrible experience. Someone at the airport stole her identity and she had a terrible time getting a new card. It’s a good thing she’s persistent. She graduated from journalism school and is very capable!

I met a young girl who had her identity stolen and it took her a year to get her money back. They stopped the spending because the felon spent money in Canada, so they caught him fast, but still it took that long for her to get her money back.

I’m glad my traveling days are over. And computers scare me, even though my friend Joe Alessi gave me one of his old computers, and my friend David brought it up to par, I still don’t want to use it!

Now there is another reason why families aren’t so close anymore. The kids are on their computers or their toys. I call them computer toys. It’s obsession. That’s one reason why families aren’t so close anymore. Learn to control the time used on the computers. One way we can help our economy is to come up with something new computer-related. Every one has to own it whether they can afford it or not. But that is giving in to our weaknesses! I think people and relationships are the most valuable and necessary asset in our lives!!! I know from experience this is the truth!

Have a great life!