Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


FLOODING COOPERATION – Those heavy rains that came down on Tuesday could have created a major headache for Fredonia residents had it not been for cooperation with the Fredonia Department of Public Works, the town of Pomfret and S. St. George Enterprises. A tree got caught in the Water Street bridge but was removed for any significant flooding occurred. “This flooding happened quick, but the response was just as quick,” said Fredonia DPW Director Jack Boland. “If no one had been available at the town of Pomfret, if they had gone home for the day, or if Steve (St. George) didn’t happen to be around and his machine wasn’t nearby, it could have been much worse.” Mayor Steve Keefe noted there needs to be a procedure for addressing downed trees out of Canadaway Creek, instead of just letting them float to Lake Erie. It’s definitely worth consideration.

LUNGAVERSARY – Elisha Kulpa has celebrated one full year with her new lungs following a double-lung transplant. “Something as simple as breathing was a big deal to me,” she said. We don’t know who the donor was, but it is possible the lungs came following a tragedy. That’s why it’s important to become an organ donor. Sign the necessary paperwork and have your organs available should there be an accident of some sort. Your loved ones will miss you, but you could save the life of another.

LITTLE LEAGUE LOVE – This weekend, Dunkirk is hosting the state softball tournament for 11-12 year olds. Although there are no longer any local teams permitting, take your children and go catch a game. There’s two games today and the championship is 1 p.m. Sunday. Perhaps seeing 11-12 year olds on the diamond will inspire more children to play the sport.


ROUTE 60 FLOODING – Route 60 was shut down Tuesday near lower Spoden Road, half way between Fredonia and Cassadaga following the heavy rains. This is the second time in six months flooding at that location has occurred. Route 60 is the main travel route between Jamestown and Dunkirk/Fredonia. It’s time to address the problem.