New speaker system stolen from Little League

In the midst of hosting two tournaments Dunkirk Little League suffered a loss, although not on the playing field.

Sometime between 8 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m. Friday a new public address system was stolen from a storage building at the Wright Park Little League complex.

Dunkirk Little League Treasurer Keith Ahlstrom spoke to the OBSERVER about the incident and the system.

“We had received it on Wednesday and used it for the first time on Thursday. It cost us $1195.96, we have not even received the bill from it yet,” Ahlstrom stated. “It was a MIPRO70 PA System, with a MIPRO 70 Companion Speaker and a MIPRO70 wireless microphone.

“Somebody broke the door down and from what we can see it’s the only thing they took. … We used it all day (Thursday) and (Friday morning) the first guy down here saw the building door had been kicked in. He didn’t even know what was in it.

“He called (Dunkirk Little League President Gary Haase) and Gary came down, and it was gone, $1,200, we had it for 24 hours.”

Ahlstrom said a report has been filed with Little League to cover the loss.

“I’m working with Little League already, of course we do have insurance but there’s a $250 deductible on that and they haven’t quite determined yet, but we’re optimistic they will pay,” he added. “We’re not quite sure how everything is listed, what they’ll value it at, whether they’ll depreciate it because we owned it for a day or whatever. I’m sure we’ll end up with something from the insurance company.”

Ahlstrom said the theft has not slowed down the tournament, a rental and then donation of a loudspeaker to cover the tournament will work out.

“So many people put in so much work to pull something like this off. The tournament is running great,” he added. “The out-of-town teams are having a really good time. The field is definitely the best it’s ever looked and then we’ve got to deal with something like this. It’s frustrating.”

In addition to a report for insurance purposes, a report has been filed with the Dunkirk Police Department.

“They’ll check with pawn shops and things like that and file a report. A lot of times, from what we’ve been told about these things, either somebody wanted it or it gets moved out of town quickly. It’s tough to trace,” Ahlstrom stated. “Being a new one we didn’t have to look for all the serial numbers, we had all the information on it but tracking it down will be difficult, unless somebody notices somebody in their neighborhood has a brand new sound system.”

Ahlstrom said the stolen equipment was to replace an old system.

“We made the decision this year to invest in this. It’s wireless, it’s two speakers, receiver and everything in one speaker. There’s a built-in CD player, IPod station, it really was a nice unit and it worked really, really well for the two games we used it for (Thursday),” he stated, adding it was the hope of league officials that with many city residents having experience with Little League somebody will notice something.

Anyone with information can call Dunkirk Little League at 366-5905 or Dunkirk Police at 366-2266 or the confidential tip line at 363-0313.