Individuals, not faith, must come first

The recent Supreme Court decision concerning Hobby Lobby has far-reaching effects on these United States. For decades the racist and bigoted old south used religion and obscure Bible passages to say that the races should not mix and therefore denied seats at restaurants, movie theaters, buses and had separate schools, drinking fountains and may other bigoted laws.

When the Civil Rights laws of the 1960s were adopted, that type of behavior became illegal. Good for us. Now the ugly head of that type of behavior was sanctioned by the Supreme Court. In effect, the have now stated that it is ok to reduce medical rights of woman who work for them, because Hobby Lobby does not sanction use of contraception based on religious passages in the Bible.

Do you see what will happen? If any supermarket says that they will not serve Catholics based on their reading of the Bible, then it may be adjudicated that they can do that because Hobby Lobby denied benefits based on their readings of their Bible.

Now here is a serious concern, which version of the bible? New Testament, Old Testament, Book of Mormon, The Vedas, The Koran? These are all considered holy scripture by some American citizens and do they now have the right to say that based on their reading of their scripture they can now do x y or z.

I think Hobby Lobby has the right to argue otherwise, but the Supreme Court seemed to have put religious rights, even when selective, ahead of rights of an individual not to be discriminated against. I believe that freedom of religion is vital, but not when it can pick and choose who can be excluded from their rights to make decisions for their own lives

Give thought and decide which American you want!

Warren Beyer is a Mayville resident. Send comments to