Silver Creek School Board appoints new president

SILVER CREEK – Some familiar faces will be coming back this school year.

Former President Martha Howard stepped down and returned the reigns to Matt Bogosian, who was president of the school board for three years, before Howard took over the past two.

Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich, along with Vice-President Greg Cole, were re-appointed for another term.

Board member Marjorie Foxton was appointed the new Chautauqua County School Board Legislative Liaison. Bogosian, who has been in that position in the past, said he would stay on as a fill-in.

“They are going to do a lot more with it this year,” Howard said about the county board.

Bogosian is excited to be president again. He was president for the 2009-10, 2010-11, and 2011-12 school years.

“I am happy to have the board’s confidence in being president again,” he said.

When asked what he wants to see happen this school year, Bogosian replied he wants the capital project to be finished.

“I am excited to see that come to an end soon,” he said. “We have waited a few years, so it will be nice to see it finally finished.”

“Things are moving forward,” Bogosian continued. “We want to make sure we keep offering the best education for our students.”

Bogosian believes having all three schools in one centralized school is what attracts people to Silver Creek.

“It makes it nice for little brothers and sisters to go to school with their older brothers and sisters,” he said. “Everyone feels safer that way.”

Ljiljanich believes it is a strong privilege to work with this school district.

“Having the opportunity to impact the lives of kids everyday is a great career,” he said.

As far as sharing superintendents with schools goes, Ljiljanich said it is not up to him to speak on that. The school boards need to make that choice.

“The sharing we have done is very successful,” he said about sharing sports and other activities. “We are very happy with that.”

Ljiljanich worked very closely with former Forestville Superintendent Charles Leichner, and he has confidence he will work just as well with whoever takes Leichner’s place.

Opening Day is shared with Forestville Central; Ljiljanich mentioned the speaker this year is Brian Mendler.

“We share our presenter with their staff,” he said. “It is a good kickoff to the whole year. He (Mendler) really talks about how to work with the students.”

Other appointments include: business education teacher Rachel Castiglia, long-term substitute teacher Melissa Berry, and several student teachers and short-term substitutes were also appointed.

Elementary school teacher Susan DiPalma resigned.

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