Partnership is way to go

Our county has its fill of food pantries. Many serve a dire need, while other smaller and newer area pantries have taken some questionable actions, such as offering free vegetables and fruits to all residents.

But a recent announcement of a partnership for a food pantry makes a lot of sense. Starting Saturday, the Fredonia Presbyterian Church will open a pantry as a partnership with Chautauqua County Rural Ministry. It will be open each third Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.

“We feel blessed to live in such a community and wish to share the blessings we have received by serving those of our neighbors who are most in need,” said Cynthia Wickwire Lundquist, pastor, in the announcement.

The village pantry fills a need, and most importantly, is not a duplication in services by teaming with an agency that already is looked upon in high regard for its ways of assisting.