4-H County Fair exhibits judged

On Saturday, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s 4-H program evaluated more than 1,800 4-H foods, creative crafts, conservation, sewing projects and other non-animal exhibits. Youth throughout Chautauqua County have been working for months, and in some cases, years to create true works of art. From photography to woodworking youth projects will be displayed in the 4-H Building during the 2014 Chautauqua County Fair.

4-H youth are ages 8-19 years with varying experience levels. Cloverbuds (ages 5-7) are not “judged” and all Cloverbud projects are awarded a Cloverbud Ribbon. More than 25 judges spent one-on-one time with 4-H participants evaluating their projects. Judges evaluate using the Danish system, which allows judges to determine based on a 4-H’ers age and experience, if they feel that the completed project is Excellent (Blue), Good (Red), or Worthy (White).

Youth presented each of their projects to a judge in the respective department, for example; a photograph may be judged by a professional photographer. Each judge spends a few minutes with each youth determining the youth’s age, experience level, and providing encouragement and constructive criticism.

This year, 39 projects were selected to be displayed at The Great New York State Fair. County judges select projects that are exceptional for the youth’s age and experience level. These items will be on display at The Great New York State Fair, during the entire fair dates Aug. 21-Sept. 1.

You can get a first-hand look at the exceptional projects created by Chautauqua County 4-H’ers by attending the 2014 Chautauqua County Fair, July 21-27 in Dunkirk. Youth projects are on display in the 4-H Building where there will also be children’s activities, canine demonstrations, and public presentations.


Fine Arts and Wearable Arts: Holly Crandall, Wild Oats 4-H Club – Plastic wind chimes; Megan Clark, an acrylic painting of a dog; Lacey Johnson, Busti Buckaroos – sample of wool processing skein; Lacey Johnson, Busti Buckaroos – metals – stained glass; Brittney Woodard, Wild Oats – Glass Etching; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers – tie dying.

Creative Crafts and Cake Decorating: Kaylee Hodge, Clymer Eager Beavers- String art; Anna Talbot, Canadaway – Rooster tin punch; Kayla Schauman, Little Brokenstraws -pine cone wreath; Emily Brown, Canadaway – Garden Sign; Brittany Woodard, Wild Oats – Stepping Stone; Brittany Woodard, Wild Oats – Bear Wreath; Brooke Angelo, Busti Buckaroos – Rabbit Fine Arts.

Clothing and Sewing: Emily Brown, Canadaway – clothing; Melinda Waag, Fredonia Fireworks – clothing; Emma Woods, Clymer Eager Beavers – clothing; Steven Overend, Levant Livewires – clothing; Miranda Nickerson, Clymer Eager Beavers – clothing.

Record and Project Books: Kandra Dorman, Stockton Panthers – Notebooks; Anna Talbot, Canadaway- Notebooks; Brittany Woodard, Wild Oats – Notebooks

Photography: Kaylee Hodge, Clymer Eager Beavers; Brooke Angelo, Busti Buckaroos; Gracie Morrison, Chautauqua County Trail Riders; Matthew Brown, Canadaway; Kendra Dorman, Stockton Panthers.

Conservation and Recycling: Elizabeth Johnson, Country Critters – Hat from a sweater; Alyssa Graziano, Country Critters – wind chimes; Mackenzy Graziano, Country Critters – Bowl from Magazines; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers – Lampshade from poptabs; Christopher King, Cherry Creek Corn Huskers – Wreath-Flag.

Health, Needlework, Ceramics and Home Environment: Eric Sweeney, Harmony Haystackers – Ceramic Wel-come Dog; Austin Strong, Harmony Haystackers – Ceramic Waterfall; Julia Fortna, Fredonia Fireworks- knitting and crochet hat; Jacob O’Brien, Wild Oats – Ceramic dragon; Lacey John-son, Busti Buckaroos – Knitting and Crochet afghan; Emily Brown, Canadaway – Home Environment Message Board.

Leathercraft, Woodworking, Electrical: Laura Tofil, Fredonia Star Riders – Leather tooling belt; Alyssa Graziano, Country Critters – Leather tooling belt.

Self Determined: Catherine Oag, Paws n Pals – Poster.


Fine Arts and Wearable Arts: Judith Bacon, Wild Oats – Plastic wind chimes; Brooke Angelo, Busti Shamrocks – craft; Catherine Siggins, Busti Shamrocks – paper flowers; Brooke Angelo, Busti Shamrocks – craft; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers – drawing on wood; Madison Woods – glass etching.

Creative Crafts and Cake Decorating: Catherine Siggins, Busti Buckaroos – Note Cards; Abigail O’Brien, Wild Oats – Halloween Wreath; Rhett Nagel, Clymer Eager Beavers – Rock Picture; Emily Swanson, Fluvanna Farmyard – Flower arrangement.

Clothing and Sewing: Steve Overend, Levant Live Wires – clothing, Christopher King, Cherry Creek Corn Huskers – clothing; Rachel Harper, Wild Oats – clothing; Kaylee Hodge, Clymer Eager Beavers – clothing; Marissa Burr, Fredonia Fireworks – clothing.

Record and Project Books: Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers – Notebooks

Photography: Adam Lesch, Cana-daway; Sarah Anderson, Harmony Haystackers; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers; Alyssa Graz-iano, Country Critters; Kendra Dor-man, Stockton Panthers; Billy Eskeli, Levant Livewires; Kaylee Hodge, Clymer Eager Beavers; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers, Billy Eskeli, Levant Livewires.

Conservation and Recycling: Billy Eskeli, Levant Livewires – Pallet Bench; Michael Johnson, Country Critters – Hat from Sweater; Shannon Heath, Stockton Panthers – Emergency Prep Bag.

Health, Needlework, Ceramics and Home Environment: Dayna Veloski, Country Critters – Ceramic Horse; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Hay-stackers – Ceramic Church Plaque; Onnalee Strong, Harmony Haystack-ers – Ceramic inchworm; Austin Strong, Harmony Haystackers; Ceramic Bear; Brittany Woodard, Wild Oats – Ceramic Sheep; Elizabeth Johnson, Country Critters – Ceramic Plaque; Abigail O’Brien, Wild Oats – Ceramic Plaque and an Angel; Tess Warner, Stockton Panthers – First Aid kit.

Self Determined: Mandy Swanson, Paws n Pals – poster

SPECIAL JUDGES AWARDS: Jordyn Majka, Chautauqua Fireworks – Painting of a desert scene; Sarah Osborne, Little Brokenstraws – Cake Decorating; Elizabeth Comstock, Harmony Haystackers – Hope Chest.

The 4-H Youth Development Program is one of many programs offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County. CCE-Chautauqua is a community based educational organization, affiliated with Cornell University, Chautauqua County Government, the NYS SUNY system, and the federal government through the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. For more information, call 664-9502 or visit the website at Cornell University Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment opportunities.