Twenty years ago – 1994

The Resource Center on Lake Shore Drive West in Dunkirk is in the midst of an expansion that will better meet current and future needs of individuals with disabilities living in northern Chautauqua County and their families. The two major facets of the project are the creation of an outpatient extension clinic for the Center’s diagnostic and treatment center and the construction of a building to house a day treatment/day habilitation program. About 80 new people will be working at The Resource Center’s Dunkirk site once the construction is finished.

Thirty years ago – 1984

A $50 prize went to the Unique Rockers, first place winners in the Break Dance Contest held for the benefit of the CASH Home Repair Program of the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry Inc. Winning dancers were Cory Marshall, who also won $20 as top individual dancer; Jimmy DeJesus, Fonzo Robinson, Jimmy Waller and Ricky Ruiz. The D.C. Rockers (Rafael Santiago, Edwin Pagan, Feliciano Salgado and Andre Vasquez) took the $25 for second place group and Edwin Pagan was awarded $10 as second place individual dancer. The event was held at the VFW clubrooms on Deer Street.

Forty years ago – 1974

Chautauqua County Legislature Chairman Joseph Gerace asked if any employees or the legislature would like to donate money to repair the Santa Claus suit being used by the county infirmary in Dunkirk. Apparently, the costume was in arrears. It was damaged and would show the underwear of the wearer.

Fifty years ago – 1964

A new women’s cologne, “Cool Spell,” is currently being sold for $2 at Sidey’s in the D&F Plaza.